Shipping and Returns

Payment & Delivery

Discreet shipping  is committed to providing the highest quality products and customer service and is responsible for delivering orders to the customers. We give all our valued customers a 30 days money back guarantee .However, due to the nature of the products, which are controlled medications in many countries, there is a need for some guidelines to be followed.

Refunds:Following are the cases where a customer can apply for a refund:

  1. Cancellation: If a customer cancels the order within 3 hours of making the payment. Once the payment has been made and the order has been forwarded to the Shipping Department, no refunds can be issued.
  2. Non-Reception: If an order has not been received by the customer within 45 days of processing the payment, the customer can apply for a refund. However, the following non-reception causes will not be refunded:
  1. Customer changed his/her address.
  2. Customer provided a wrong address.
  3. The order arrived at the right address, but there was no one to claim it.
  4. The order arrived at the right address, but someone else claimed it.
  5. Ineffective products: We try our best to source top-notch products for our valued customers, but still if a customer claims that the products he/she received are ineffective, the customer can apply for a refund, given the customer provides us with the following:
  1. A clear picture of the lab tests report.
  2. A clear picture of the products.
  3. A clear picture of the package (Envelop, box etc.).
  4. Order number.
  5. Proof of Payment (Electronic or physical receipt)

Note: A refund may take up to 60 business days depending on the credit card processing company policies, and the policies of the corresponding banks the customer uses.

Payments made through Western Union, MoneyGram, or BitCoin can be refunded within 5 business days upon completion of the

Trend Birds deals processes Priority Shipping with Local  Shipping processes and nanny accompanied Airfreight shipping ( FOR ALL OUR PARROTS)

Priority Shipping with Local Logistics, EMS,USPS , UPS , FedEx & TNT, (FOR EGGS AND PARROT CAGES)  Signed For 1st Class Delivery. Fully track-able. we do not ship our parrots like cargo so they must come with a nany

Delivery Time
All our orders will get dispatched within 2 – 4 hours at most after payment is received;
Once the orders is dispatched we provide you the tracking number to trace order’s movement, Customers should understand that after payment is received, we need this 2 – 4 hours to prepare the order (for parrot eggs, before shipment, we need to confirm the hatch rate and confirm the fertility of the eggs to ensure that they must hatch, while for parrot, we prepare them for shipment and re-confirm that they are healthy to take on the transportation process. We also use of this time to prepare the documents needed for a successful delivery of the parrots to their new homes)
For US nationwide, We deliver through all 50 states. All national orders should arrive in 8 hrs from our experience.
Orders within Canada,Europe,UK  & UAE are usually delivered within 3 to 4 business days.
All parcels are dispatched in secure, discreet and unbranded packaging.
Please note that as per our Terms and Conditions it is your responsibility to know your local laws and customs regulations,but in 99% of cases there are absolutely no delivery problems for orders. For deliveries within USA, Canada, UK and Australia, We take 100% responsibility over custom regulations and sales taxes since every cost in included in the amount we charge for the pets collect orders for.
Please contact us if your item has not been delivered within 5 working days within the USA, or 7 working days for the rest of the world and we will see into it. Please include your order ID and tracking number in your message to us.
Returns & Replacements
In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong order or shipment does not meet your expectation, simply notify us so we can arrange an exchange. This will be processed as soon as we have received and checked the incorrect order. Due to the nature of the business, Once your order has left our facility you will not qualify for any refund or return, so please bear in mind that all sales are FINAL. You have from the time of purchase to the time of dispatch to cancel or amend your order. A 10% surcharge will apply to any cancellation.
International Transactions
When making a purchase on our site the transaction might be international. As some credit and debit cards are set up for domestic use only, this may result in the payment being declined or charged back. To rectify this issue,We have amended a lot of payment options.

Payment Options: For some reasons including refunds and discounts, payments must be made to the name of branch managers : VICTOR COLAR (AVIARY BRANCH DIRECTOR, USA)

Payment methods process time bonus Name & Location

The best payment option available. Anonymous, fast and no middlemen who take a cut of the transaction value.
30 Mins Free Shipping Trend Birds

Walmart Gift Card

Just make a purchase of Walmart Gift Card worth the purchase cost of your order. Scratch and send us a picture of the card.

Western Union
You can use your bank account or credit card to transfer money with Western Union cash pick up at agent location to a name we’ll provide. They’re WU stores every even in pharmacies and groceries & it’s the simplest.

Money Gram
You can use your bank account or credit card to transfer money with Money Gram cash pick up at agent location to a name we’ll provide on email.They’re Money Gram stores every even in pharmacies and groceries & it’s the simplest.


Online Money Transfer with World-remit. You can now send money easily & securely with guaranteed exchange rates and low fees.

Bank/SEPA Transfer(Not available for USA/Canada)Nowadays international bank transfers are pretty fast, especially in Europe where it takes up to only 48 hours to be processed. Outside of Europe it usually takes 3 to 4 days.

Tracking your order

You can simply track your order from our website directly and get the relevant tracking information or log in to your preferred courier website and track shipment, view your order status,  You will also receive an email, once your package is shipped, detailing the tracking info (if optional). If you need any assistance feel free to contact us. If you don’t receive an email following the order process, please check your Junk Mail folder.

Guaranteed Delivery (tracked orders only).

If by any chance, your order hasn’t arrived within 5 business days, you’ll qualify for a free reship (tracked orders only). However, if the product has been confiscated by customs, We will offer a reship as we thrive to send all orders 100% discreet.Please note that we DO NOT offer a reship service to Norway, Sweden, Finland or Kuwait– Due to the higher proportion of customs confiscations, you order from these countries at your own risk.

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