Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds


This sativa-dominant hybrid is called an “upper” for a reason. You’ll experience soaring THC levels around 22% that elevate your mood, keep you in a positive headspace, and relieve depression. The diesel aroma, however, is not everyone’s favorite.



Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sour Diesel cannabis seeds are without a doubt the most popular choice amongst growers and consumers. It’s a classic strain that’s loaded with medical effects, an immediately recognizable aroma, and soaring THC levels. The psychoactive effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid (70/30) come on strong and fast, so be prepared for a mental rush of euphoria and happiness. Notice as your energy levels rise and your mood gradually improves with every inhale. No wonder so many people call this strain an “upper.” Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

How to grow Sour Diesel?

Sour Diesel feminized seeds grow into large plants that prefer dry, warm climates with relatively low humidity. Here the plant can grow very large and in extreme cases can reach a height of 300 cm.

Of course you can also grow this beauty indoors or in a greenhouse. Although the Sour Diesel strain is easy to grow, especially for a Sativa strain, you should be aware of her susceptibility to mildew. Keep your growing environment clean and sterile.

For indoor growing you need enough space. She can grow quite large. Especially when you give her roots some space.

To control her height you can prune her or grow her in small pots. This can also be done by training the plant. For example, she is very suitable for training methods such as the so-called “scrogging”.

When growing indoors it is recommended to grow her under high intensity lights. In this way you can exploit her maximum potential. The flowering time for this plant is relatively short (about 10 to 11 weeks). Afghan Cannabis Feminized Seeds

Height of the plant

Sour Diesel marijuana seeds will grow into tall plants. When grown indoors, her average height is between 120cm and 160cm. When grown outdoors in the open ground, she can reach a height of 300cm, but on average her height outdoors is between 160cm and 200cm. Home (Cannabis Strain)


Are you growing outdoors in the northern hemisphere? Then you can harvest in early October. Here the plant has a harvest potential of up to 600 grams per m2. Indoor growers can expect 400-500 grams per m2 under ideal conditions.

Effects of Sour Diesel weed

Sour Diesel is a hugely popular strain with recreational users looking for improved mood and increased energy levels. You will experience a strong feeling of obvious euphoria. Sour Diesel is therefore considered to be a real stimulant.

As a Sativa-dominant strain, her Indica effects are barely noticeable. Her typical qualities provide the consumer with intense cerebral experiences. Sour Diesel’s high has a fast, long-lasting effect that you can still feel five hours later. This weed is therefore ideal to smoke during the day or in the early evening. Gorilla glue Strain

Another great advantage of Sour Diesel is the fact that this strain will never make you paranoid, like a typical Sativa. Prepare yourself for sociability and a very talkative character.

The weed also possesses medicinal qualities. Consumers use it to relieve depression, pain, stress and other lesser ailments. White Widow Feminized Seeds

Side effects

The most common side effects of Sour Diesel cannabis are the well-known dry eyes and mouth. If this bothers you, just stay hydrated and enjoy the complex flavors

Scent and taste of Sour Diesel

As you might expect with the name Sour Diesel, the taste has a distinct diesel-fuel-like tone that can be quite pungent but is wonderfully nuanced by lemony herbal flavors. While the smell may seem a tad intense at first, it is actually quite pleasant. Soft, spicy and earthy. Acapulco Gold Feminized Seeds

Additional information

Strain Genetics Sour Diesel
Blend 30% Indica, 70% Sativa
Flowering Time 60-70 days
THC Content 23%
CBD Level Low
Effects Energetic, Happy, Uplifted
Best Use Anxiety, Daytime, Depression, Nausea
Flavor Diesel, Pungent, Sour
Indoor Yield 500g/m2
Outdoor Yield 700g/plant
Growing Difficulty Intermediate
Plant Sex Feminized
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Where to Grow Indoor/Outdoor
Plant Height Tall

Additional information


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