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Balanced Hybrid – 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

THC: 23-25%

The “Citrus Skunk” is a super sticky and stinky hybrid variety that was brought forth by the Jordan of the Islands seed company in British Columbia. This Skunk #1 and California Orange combo is a well balanced hybrid strain that produces medium sized plants that grow big and bushy if trained properly. Eventually filling in with well above average sized yields of big, dark green buds that ripen to perfection in only 8-9 weeks indoors and by the beginning of October outdoors. She does respond fairly well when topped or supercropped, but it’s not necessary to achieve the maximum potential of this wonderful hybrid variety. The “Citrus Skunk” has a rather intense terpene profile that’s full-bodied smoke starts with a sweet, tangy, orange-like flavor before quickly molding into the classic Skunk funk that’s been stinking up growrooms and pockets for decades now. Her perfectly balanced hybrid high starts with a highly euphoric, cerebral and visually stimulating head buzz that’s eventually paired up with a calming body stone that helps to ease common aches and pains without being too sedative or narcotic.

This strain should be called Juicy Fruit! Too bad that name is already taken by another strain. The aroma
explodes heavenly citrus straight into your sinuses letting the smoker know what’s on the way. You can almost
imagine how this limonene drenched strain will hit you before your first puff. The flavour of the smoke doesn’t
disappoint. Huge fruit flavor and paired with a creamy smoothness. It really is eerily like the flavour of Juicy Fruit. This strain is great for stress relief and treating depression. Get this one while you can!

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