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Hybrid Sativa Dominant Hybrid THC CBD indica content sativa content Effects Benefits

21 to 30%
Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed.
Stress,  Depression, Pain, Fatigue


Bruce Banner Marijuana Strain

Bruce Banner strain is a potent Cannabis which derives its reputation from the comical book hero, the Hulk. This award winner of the 2009 Denver US Cannabis Cup is a Sativa-dominant strain that derives its genetics from the famous OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.  Bruce Banner strain gives you a head- lifting sensation after a few hits. The THC levels of Bruce Banner range from 24%-29% and a hybrid ratio of Indica 40% to Sativa 60%. Buy Strawberry Kush Marijuana Strain

The leaves of Bruce Banner are green in colour with a vibrant magenta shade. The dense, bright green buds covered with red hairs and generously frosted with large trichomes emit a strong sweet floral and strawberry smell with some diesel hints. The earthy and berry flavour of the smoke of these burnt buds greatly elevates your mood, making you feel like you are in the clouds, and at the same time, smiley and hysterical without any apparent reason.

Bruce Banner Strain is suitable for growth in any setting provided there are right conditions. The plant grows relatively tall, and the flowering time indoors is between 9-10 weeks and a decent yield of 21 ounces per square metre of crop. In outdoor cultivation, the plants flower by early October and yield about 35 ounces per plant. Bruce Banner is highly resistant to mould and mildew. Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

Key Facts

  • Genetics: Bruce Banner’s parents are; the famous OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.
  • The High: It sets in after a few puffs making you heavily buzzed, creative, and relaxed.
  • Hybrid Ratio: Indica 40%, Sativa 60%
  • THC Levels: 24%-29%
  • Grow Information: Bruce Banner is highly resistant to common crop diseases and suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoor farmers see flowers after 9-10 weeks and harvest approximately 21 ounces per square meter, while their outdoor counterparts see flowers by early October and get 35 ounces from every plant. Runtz OG Canned Buds


Grab the dense, bright green buds of Bruce Banner Strain covered with red hairs and sugary trichomes, and feel the strong sweet floral and strawberry smell with a diesel note that they emit. Burn these beautiful buds and experience the sweet earthy and strawberry taste left on your lips after exhaling its smoke.


Once you take a few hits of Bruce Banner, the high will hit you on the head with a pronounced euphoric buzz that will make you smiley and laugh. Physical relaxation succeed the euphoria, soothing you into a deep sleep. The creativity that Bruce Banner brings enables you to tackle tough tasks. AK-47 Pre-Rolled Joints

Grow Information

Bruce Banner Strain is easy to grow and is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plants are highly productive due to their thick and dense buds and grow relatively tall (above 7 feet). The indoor crops take 9-10 weeks to bloom and produce approximately 21 ounces per square metre of cultivated land. The outdoor crop thrives in a hot temperate climate, blossoms by early October, and yields about 35 ounces per plant. Bruce Banner is highly resistant to mould and mildew.

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Medical Uses

Bruce Banner Strain is well known for its recreational as well as medical importance. The mood-elevating impact of this strain alleviates chronic depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders. The sedative effect of this strain is effective in treating insomnia, pain and inflammation in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis. This Cannabis strain is a great appetite booster appropriate for patients with nausea and appetite loss. If you experience muscle spasms, Bruce Banner is a strong muscle relaxant that will relieve your distress. Afghan kush Marijuana Strain

Side Effects

The adverse effects of Bruce Banner are few and mild as opposed to its potency. The frequently experienced side effect of this strain is a dry mouth, usually accompanied by dry eyes. Take plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated and put a single or two drops of an ophthalmic lubricant into your eyes to relieve the irritation caused by drying. Bruce Banner can sometimes cause dizziness and paranoia in a novice smoker or if over smoked. Begin with Kush’s other less potent strains if you are a beginner and smoke within your tolerance limits. Buy Marijuana Strain


Like a sip of cold energy drink electrifies your nerves, so does the Bruce Banner Strain elevate your mood and energy. This magical green powerhouse gives you the power and creativity you need to tackle a huge task ahead as well as treating your distresses. The high resistance to common crop diseases and the great productivity from the thick and dense buds make it the best strain to go for if contemplating on Cannabis farming. Avoid the negatives of consuming this kush by ensuring you remain hydrated. Source Cannabis from a licensed and reliable dealer and enjoy it responsibly. Buy Holy Grail Kush Strain

Bruce Banner aka Banner, OG Banner Marijuana Strain | Medical cannabis

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