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If there is on Buddha Boys strain you must try then Purple Punch is it. The Buddha Boys Purple Punch is probably the nicest strain this collective of BC buds growers has ever produced. The pictures on this site don’t do this cannabis strain any justice. When you think of an AAAA strain this is it.

This is so much crystals on this Purple Punch it is almost white. You will not find a better AAAA strain than this. The Purple Punch is so potent be prepared to be knocked off your feet. If you have tried the Purple Punch strain in the past be prepared for the Buddha Boys version of it as the THC levels in this AAAA quad will be stronger then the average Purple Punch on the market.

The Buddha Boys Purple Punch marijuana strain is a pure Indica. Once you get a look at the Purple Punch nugs, you will see how riddled with trichomes this bud contains.

The name says it all. This cannabis stain packs a punch. Purple Punch was created by breeding two existing Indica strains (Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple) to produced an Indica that has a slight purple tint that smells somewhat like grape candy, blueberry muffins, and purple Kool-Aid.

Purple Punch Strain | Marijuana Strain

As the name suggest, they delight the senses with subtle grape aroma along with blueberry and candy undertones. This sweet smelling Indica has a sedative effect on the body and gives the user a duel punch to the head and body. The initial feeling starts between the eyes and then moves throughout the body and eventually down to the limbs.

Purple Punch is good for night time use or best suited after dinner when you want to unwind or relax watching tv or playing video games. Purple Punch helps manage nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness. So, if you just came back from a long trip with is the perfect smoke to help with Jet lag.

For cannabis connoisseurs this is the strain you want to have in your collection. Does it cost more? Yes. But you are paying for a high quality product that is smooth, properly cured, and because it is so smooth you smoke less of it. There marijuana and then there Buddha Boys AAAA and once you have a toke you will see the difference.

Breeder Location:  Vancouver Island by Buddha Boys
A cross between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple
Indica/Sativa Ratio:
Indica Dominant  80% Indica 20% Sativa
Average THC/CBD Level:
17% to 22% THC 1.0% CBD
Creates a cerebral sensation. You will feel euphoric and happy followed by relaxed and sleepy
May Relieve:
Arthritis, chronic pain, depression, stress, anxiety. insomnia, nausea and PTSD
Blueberry, grape and vanilla
Earthy, sweet and herbal with grape, blueberry notes

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